High Performance Engineering Plastics

High performance plastics are a family of materials that meet higher performance standards than standard general purpose engineering plastics. Mostly differentiated by their high temperature stability, these materials all have maximum operating temperatures of at least 300 degrees F, most of them more. They also exhibit better mechanical properties, incredible wear characteristics, and chemical inertness.

One of the most popular materials in the family is PEEK (Polyetheretherketone).   With a continuous operating temperature of 480 degrees F, PEEK exhibits incredible strength, wear resistance, chemical inertness, fantastic machinability, and very low moisture absorption. It is widely used as the primary material for downhole tools and drilling components. Common applications also include: valve seats, backup rings, compressor valve plates, electrical connectors, bushings, bearings, seals, pump components, and insulators.
Material Names:

PEEK – all grades and fillers available including:

Virgin (Unfilled)
Glass Filled
Carbon Filled




PPS or Ryton™ – available in unfilled or glass filled