Production CNC Plastic MachiningProduction CNC Plastic Machining – When it comes to your production parts, high-quality components delivered within your time schedule are of absolute importance. At PlasTex Precision, our focus is to provide you with superior products exactly when you need them, no matter the size of the run. At Plastex we focus on our clients needs and strive to help them meet their production goals.






Prototype CNC Plastic MachiningPrototype CNC Plastic Machining – Whether a new idea strikes or you decide to take your existing component in a new direction, you need a partner that will support you to perfect your product for release. Our CNC prototyping services can help. While most machining operations shy away from lower volume projects, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you in innovation. At Plastex we are not limited to quantity, only quality, and our quality is the very best!






Quick Turn Plastic MachiningQuick Turn Plastic Machining – In an industrial world, things happen. Parts will wear, seals will leak, and components will break. When both production and revenue are suffering as a result of a plastic component failure, call on PlasTex Precision to be your quick turn manufacturing partner.  When time is of the essence, give us a call and get back in the game. Plastex is on call to meet all your plastic machining needs.






Material Selection AssistanceMaterial Selection Assistance – How many different types of engineering plastics exist today? Thousands. If you are contemplating a new component or re-engineering an existing part, finding the right solution in a sea of materials can be a frustrating and costly dilemma.With a combined 35+ years in engineering plastics fabrication, manufacturing, distribution, and field level sales, PlasTex Precision can provide guidance and direction.






Reverse Engineering ServicesReverse Engineering Services – In a perfect world, you would have an engineering drawing with dimensions and materials of every component you might need.  Unfortunately, this utopian plastic component world does not exist.  Let PlasTex Precision and our Reverse Engineering Services provide your solution. All we need is a sample of the part you need and we will take it from there.